PWW In the News: 5 Women's Organizations You Should Get Involved With

The Professional Women of Westchester make another appearance in Westchester Magazine as one of the 5 Women's Organizations to get involved in. Did you see who we were next to? We humbly accept this recommendation!

5 Women’s Organizations You Should Get Involved With in Westchester

No matter what you want to do for your community, there is a women’s group for you.

BY SIERRA PETROPublished: 10/30/2019

Learn how to get involved with five active women’s organizations that serve the community in a variety of ways, including bringing women together.

Whether you want to give back to the community, call on the government to take action for issues impacting women, connect with others in your field, or just meet other women to connect with over similar interests, there is a women’s group in Westchester for you.

We rounded up five active women’s organizations in the county that are open to women of all ages and backgrounds for this guide on what these organizations do and how you can get involved.